Installing debian via the installer on the netinst

Alonzo mariachiac at
Sun Sep 14 22:09:48 EDT 2008


the only way I know of installing debian is doing this.

1. insert net install cd.
2. type
"install brltty=driver,device,table
Mine would look like this
install brltty=bn,ttyS0,text.brf.tbl

that should be right for a an install using a braille note. I'm not sure
what type of device you have, but typing install brltty and then your
parameters as specified should be sufficient.

I hope this helps,
On Sun, 2008-09-14 at 20:03 -0500, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> I'm wondering if anybody has done this and can tell me the steps to the 
> point where one types at the boot prompt.
> I have a thinkpad T23 and have decided to put linux on it since I have 
> windows running elsewhere in vmware fusion. I can't boot from the cd in 
> the traditional way unless I get somebody to go into the bios for me. I 
> was amazed when I inserted the cd on my Win xp system and found that a 
> setup dialog came up. The initial setup for the installer is easy to 
> follow; i did it with windoweyes. However, when the machine reboots and 
> one 
> has to choose between the debian installer and the existing windows 
> installation, I'm not sure how to proceed. the first time I did it, I must 
> have had beginner's luck, because while I didn't correctly find the boot 
> prompt--to enter brltty parameters in this case--I was able to hear when 
> the installer was fully loaded, switch with alt-f2 and hit enter and enter 
> brltty information, and when brltty came up, switch back to the installer 
> with alt-f1. Unfortunately this was only a trial run to see if it could be 
> done; I wasn't through rescuing important items from the XP system. I 
> figured if I had done it right once, I could do it again. But I can't!!! I 
> have tried and tried, now that i am ready to install, to replicate my 
> previous success, but to no avail. I even thought maybe my cd had become 
> dammaged and burned a fresh one. I thought all I had done the first time 
> was arrow down once when it rebooted and hit enter two or three times, of 
> course the time frame of those actions has become a bit hazzy after 
> several unsuccessful tries. I've googled and looked at the debian 
> installation manual but of course, unless you find the post of another 
> blind person, it is assumed such detailed instructions are not necessary. 
> I even thought uninstalling the Debian directory that setup puts on the 
> Windows system before each try might help but it didn't make any 
> difference. If anybody has done this and can give me the concrete steps to 
> try to follow, I'd really appreciate it. This is the Lenny Beta 2 netinst 
> I am using.
> Tia.

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