announcing the Kies menu system

Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at
Tue Sep 2 11:32:14 EDT 2008

Good day,
This is to announce the release of the Kies menu system.
Kies is a speech-friendly menu system for text mode under Linux.
The idea is to bring the power of the console-based applications to the 
new blind Linux user.
It was developed as part of a notetaker project and is released under the 
GPL version 3 license.
There are a number of wrapper scripts included which people might find 
The word Kies is the Afrikaans word that means to choose.
It would be pronounced like kiss.
Some of the wrapper scripts included are:
kies_lookup to look up words in the dict dictionary,
kies_copy_audio_cd for making a copy of an audio cd,
kies_ipaddr for showing the ip address of the machine,
kies_p2t a front-end to the ocropus OCR system
and more.
Kies is available under the goodies directory on the speakup ftp server, 
but since Kirk has put it there, I could not access the ftp server, so am 
not giving a full path here.
The Readme is available as kies.README and the program as 
If people are interested,  but cannot get hold of the program, please drop 
me an email.
Kind regards, Willem

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