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Actually, if you're using a 2.6.x or later kernel, you don't even need
to patch the kernel; you can just build speakup as modules. This is
described here:




On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 11:45:26PM +0000, Michael Whapples wrote:
> Hello,
> Not using either of those distros I don't know if they have a way you  
> can create a kernel with speakup and make it a package you install. If  
> they do then you might want to go that route as hopefully you would use  
> basically the same config and so might be able to use the modules from  
> the distro.
> An alternative is to look at those distros which include speakup or  
> speakup packages (this is why I stick with slackware, although it  
> doesn't allow installing by software synth). GRML (www.grml.org) is  
> debian based and has a software synth on the CD. You may want to look at  
> it. GRML can be run as a live CD (good for system maintainance or just  
> learning about speakup), or you can install GRML to hard disk, or there  
> is a script to create a debian installation.
> If you resort to just generic instructions for compiling a kernel with  
> speakup, there are many docs online about compiling kernels. One I use  
> (mainly because I use slackware) is the slackware details for creating a  
> speakup enabled kernel (although fairly generic)
> ftp.slackware.com/pub/slackware/slackware/source/k/README_SPEAKUP_PATCH.TXT 
> <ftp://ftp.slackware.com/pub/slackware/slackware/source/k/README_SPEAKUP_PATCH.TXT>
> . If you aren't using an existing config which specifies using speakup  
> then remember when configuring the kernel (make menuconfig) to enable  
> speakup and the software synth option. Also some distos (I think ubuntu  
> is one of them) use grub instead of lilo, make sure that you update grub  
> so it knows about the new kernel if grub is used instead of updating 
> lilo.
> It really is easier to start with a pre-compiled kernel (particularly if  
> you aren't used to kernel configuration).
> Michael Whapples

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