lots of problems solved: my life story

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no, the tech was right. They show a list of smtp addresses, but it's not for 
home useage.
they usually supply a "q.com" or a msn.com email address or something 
similar to home customers (odd)

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> On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 02:53:20PM -0700, Tyler Littlefield wrote:
>> something I find extremely odd:
>> I am using smtp for my moo; their smtp and pop accounts are both
>> pop.bla.qwest.com (where bla==the zone).
> Yeah, I was going to say that qwest not providing smtp to residential
> customers sounded extremely odd. I've been on static IP with them
> since the beginning, so I can't definitely say they're wrong, but from
> what I saw when browsing their site, it sure looked like they provide
> smtp and pop3 to their customers, residential, or not. Besides, I've
> never heard of a residential ISP before that didn't provide full
> e-mail to their customers. My opinion is that the tech just told you
> that because they could use the extra money from you (setup fee, and
> monthly charges), but then what do I know. Anyway, if you're going to
> run a server on your connection, and you have no problem paying a bit
> extra for the static Ip, then keeping it is probably the way to go.
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