programm issues--moving files back and forth

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well, thanks for the info on cisco; I was not aware of the global training.
I'll check out the website, though I know people who have went through 
public schools and completed the certification, so I'd like to see if I can 
do that. It may help with it though.

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>I respond to the first portion of your message below, the second is for the 
>list owners and not myself to judge.
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>> First, I'm well aware of the problems with dmzing my system. I don't plan 
>> to visit cisco for the blind, as any cisco site would do just fine for 
>> teaching me what I need to know. Incidentally, until I win the lottery or 
>> something similar happens I don't think i'll be owning a cisco router.
>> As for configuring the network, I believe I've got a decent grasp of what 
>> I'm doing. Thanks for the tip though.
> This is a common missconception regarding Cisco training, and in fact any 
> vendor training you may undertake.
> Whilst Cisco does concentrate on Cisco routers in the later modules;
> it does provide a good introduction to network concepts and provides a 
> foundation of understanding on various network topics.
> Your assercion regarding beeing able to gain the knowledge you seek from 
> any Cisco sight is sadly incorrect on a number of levels.
> Firstly; "Cisco for the blind" is not an exercise in patrinization; it is 
> a concerted effort to render the Cisco learning institute's resources in a 
> more accessible format, including diagram descriptions which explain what 
> is in the pictures and diagrams as you go through the courses.
> Network layouts are described, and you are given access to real router 
> hardware remotely to practice your skills on.
> In many cases sighted people use a simulator which is completely 
> inaccessible to us; although work is ongoing to make these resources 
> accessible.
> Learning institute has invested significant time in increasing 
> accessability to these resources, which is more than I can say for 
> Microsoft.
> Negotiations with Apple are ongoing regarding their admin courses for the 
> blind.
> It is of course up to you with whom you study and for what reasons,
> and I am bringing the program to your attention purely to make you aware 
> of its existance. Your lack of interest and free beer attitude has been 
> noted.
> It would help the list greatly if you could actually state your problems 
> clearly and concisely with information on what you are trying to do and 
> what equipment you have at your disposal.
> "I can't edit source code in pico with ntcrt" doesn't help as we don't 
> know what platform the source is for,
> what compiler is beeing used or what line endings the compiler expects.
> The first step in problem solving is defining your problem and 
> communicating it to the people who may choose to help you out of the 
> kindness of their hearts.
> Regards, Kerry.
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