sending mail with exim4

Kerry Hoath kerry at
Mon Jan 21 17:37:12 EST 2008

The configuration dialog does state that if you need to use multiple 
smart-hosts or they require authentication you'll need to edit the config 
files by hand.
You'd need to understand Perl compatible regular expressions and add a lot 
more complexity to the automated config to achieve this and it isn't 
something they could easily error check.
I find it easier to use split config rather than use a monolithic config 

all you'll need is a couple of routers and 2 transports to achieve what you 
want; information is in spec.txt and the exim faq is extremely useful 
especially the cookbook examples.
Many people also use postfix for this sort of stuff;
I personally only have to deliver to one smarthost so it's not something 
i'll look into further.
Regards, Kerry.

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> Yes I selected smarthost.  I was asked about the email address to the
> right of the @ sign and that's either going to be or
>  However the email needs to go to or
> to actually get to the right places.
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