sending mail with exim4

Kerry Hoath kerry at
Mon Jan 21 04:45:57 EST 2008

Did you select smarthost as your type of system?
You won't get the question if you select internet site
because that configuration assumes you send and receive email directly via 
smtp to target machines.
If you want to relay through smarthost you'll either have to 
dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config;
or edit update-exim4.conf and run
or write up a router and transport yourself.
dpkg-reconfigure is the easiest way.

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>I got a much longer configuration dialog with readline and medium set in
> debconf when doing a dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config.  One question that
> wasn't asked though was the smtp address of my internet service provider
> and with and those names do not start with
> smtp. as a prefix.
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