quick basic, maybe silly queston?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Thu Jan 17 10:45:41 EST 2008

But the problem is I use DOS exclusively.
All of my word processing, professional programs, everything runs in Dos. 
I have a dos Internet structure from which I telnet into a Linux shell.
So to stay professional active while I learn Linux, I must maintain my dos 
structure while I get up to speed on Linux.
I have never run a windows system, and because of my varied professional 
activities, do  not want to risk being down during the learning game.
Aside from that the person who is building the system is not totally 
strong in Linux.
I intend getting the Dos factor up and running with him, than downloading 
and installing my own Linux distro, likely fedora or debian,  on that 
second drive after the fact, then gradually shifting functions from DOs 
to Linlux as things get stable.
Frankly, using fat 32 does not seem like a good idea at all now, so long as 
I can benefit from other good things found in later dos  editions.
Thanks to everyone,

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Joseph C. Lininger wrote:

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>> fat32 file systems have no way to store Linux special file attributes.
>> These include character device files, named pipes, fifos, and sockets.
> I completely forgot that FAT32 won't support those. I was only thinking
> of access information. You are absolutely right though, it sure won't.
>> In fact it is possible to run dos inside Linux; check out dosemu; it
>> is possible to get screen readers working inside here too.
> You know what? That's a wonderful idea and unless there is a particular
> reason you can't do it, Karen I would recommend you consider doing that.
> That way you get all the benefits of Linux, and the ability to run DOS
> if you need to. You can just format all your disk space as Linux, then
> use dosemu to run anything in DOS that you need. I did this a couple
> years ago to host an old fashon BBS that ran some DOS based door games.
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