quick basic, maybe silly queston?

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Wed Jan 16 01:25:59 EST 2008

Hi Karen,
If it has been kept up, zipslack is a version that you can install on a 
FAT32 partition.
Zipslack is a distro of Slackware.
I think they all can read FAT32, and probably write to it.
Maybe you can install any version on a FAT32 partition.

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Hi all,
I would rather look silly, than make a mistake, especially since at least
the DOS  factor will be one before I get my new machine.
Having one built that will run an edition of DOS as its main os with Linux
on a separate drive.
Here is the silly question.
Can distros like Fedora and ebian read fat 32 partitions?
There are a few advantages to this in DOS, so I am wanting to use one that
supports fat 32 unless this will create a problem for the Linux
Answer off list if this is just too newby a question lol.


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