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I think that ext2 would be your best bet. The projects I'm about to
mention, can work with ext2, but aren't able to work with the journal
part of ext3. Also, you don't want a journaling file system on a flash
drive, since that would make the drive wear out faster.
This is free, as in free source, but I haven't used it, due to the
fact that it was still unstable beta software back when I was needing
to access ext2 partitions under the other popular os. Things may have
changed there since.
This is what I personally use, and I've found it to be very stable and
reliable. It's freeware, but isn't free source, which doesn't bother
me, though I realize it might bother some. It runs under nt4, 2000, as
well as x86 versions of xp, and 2003. I don't know about vista.

I also remember there was a set of tools which could read ext2
partitions, and do very limited write operations. These ran under dos,
win95, 98, and me. I however don't have the url for that bookmarked,
and am unable to find it. If it's something you're interested in, then
maybe someone else will post the url for that. Hth.


On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 05:46:15PM +0000, Michael Whapples wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wondering what filesystem is best for a USB memory stick. The
> problem is that fat/fat32 is very poor on the permissions, but most
> systems can read/write it, whereas ntfs is poorly supported under Linux
> (and I am not certain about how good the permission support is) and
> things like ext3, reiserfs and other unix FSs aren't supported on
> windows. So is there mount options for fat/fat32 which improves the case
> somewhat under Linux, or might ntfs be a good compromise as most of the
> Linux systems I will be using it on will be mine so I can install
> ntfs-3g or other drivers (and windows 9x seems to have disappeared
> sufficiently that I won't have too many of those), or is there a windows
> driver for one of the unix filesystems (and if I want to be able to use
> it on more than just my machine I suppose I could make a small fat32
> partition where I could have the driver available should a windows
> machine not have it).
> Thanks for any pointers to information or advice people can give.
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> Michael Whapples
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