orca and hardware synth?

tony seth lp800 at samobile.net
Thu Jan 3 17:12:25 EST 2008

Well, the subject says it all... is it possible?  I have an IBM 
Thinkpad, not sure of the model number, with a p3 proc and 512 memory, 
and running Ubuntu.  Has anyone solved the problem of orca dying every 
time one wants to start anything that makes use of audio?  I'm 
admittedly not running the latest version, but will fix that later 
today,I'm running Fistey... any help most welcome, though I'm likin' 
orca, and I did get Audio Quake to run on this one... and I know the 
audio problem of speech versus other sound isn't limited to Orca,
I know it's possible to make these onboard sound cards work...
Thanks much to anyone who can point me to some docs or programs for 
making that happen...

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