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John Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed Jan 2 16:45:30 EST 2008

I wrote an extension that allowed you to add an item to a gopher menu 
remotely -- sort of a PUT option for gopher.  I don't know of any licensing 
issues wrt gopher. I work for the University of Wisconsin and we just took 
the source code and modified it as much as we liked.

Http wiped out gopher but gopher wasn't a competitor to http or even it's 
ancestor. There were a lot of things kind of like http right before http 
came out. If the NCSA hadn't invented http, somebody else would have real 
soon. But I don't think gopher was particularly close.

Before that, I worked for a medical imaging company called Merge Healthcare. 
Great job for a blind guy, eh? I wrote device drivers for medical scanners 
and storage devices. I still have a megneto optical disc around here with 
pictures on it of somebody's skull.


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>> Ooh! John! You worked on gopher?! I remember Gopher! I reckon if
>> things went a different way and UMN handled licensing differently
>> (or so I was told sometime, I forget when or by whom), we might all
>> be using Gopher instead of the Web. Interesting, that. Ooh. Them
>> were the days.
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