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Jerry Matheny starnoble at
Fri Nov 30 20:43:59 EST 2007

If you could get that script to work I'd like to try that. I tried 
downloading fc7 iso's manually though and it wouldn't work. Something is 
apparently wrong with site. I'm also open to any other 
suggestions for getting a successful Linux install going on my Dell Latitude 
D600 laptop. It also has a wireless card for internet.

Thanks in advance,


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>I just got an idea.  I can modify the get-fed script to get FC-7 rather
> than fc-8 in multiple CD images format and then would-be installers could
> do the instructions in the howto and install FC-7 and then when all is
> working on FC-7 do the yum upgrade instructions to upgrade everything to
> FC-8 on their existing installation and still have everything talking.
> If anyone would be interested I can do it with not much difficulty.
> Before you run the script though, you'll need 6 blank CD's to hand since
> this script downloads an image and on successful download burns it to
> disk.
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