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Hi Thomas,

Yes, but not in this program. There is another text reader on the
drawing boards that will interface with speech-dispatcher. The present
program is not primarily a text reader, but primarily a reader of a
large number of audio formats. The text aspect of it is only secondary.
Text files are first converted to wave, then handled just like any
other audio file is handled. Those audio files would not be appropriate
to hand off to speech-dispatcher.


On Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 07:46:01PM +0100, Tomas Cerha wrote:
> Chuck Hallenbeck napsal(a):
> > The WR program now supports espeak as a TTS engine. However, it does
> > not (yet) permit changing its parameters. The TTS engines supported are
> > flite, espeak, and swift, with flite the default.
> Hello Chuck, did you consider interfacing to Speech Dispatcher, so you
> don't need to support each TTS engine specifically?
> Best regards, Tomas.
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