OT: Laptop recommendations?

Gaijin gaijin at clearwire.net
Thu Nov 22 22:51:39 EST 2007

	Hello all,

	I'm looking to buy a laptop that is hopefully linux compliant,
has a serial port,an RJ45 ethernet port so I can plug it into my router,  and hopefully, it's own internal speakers and audio
system.  Can anyone recommend a decent to high-quality model and
possibly a URL?  No offense to the Slackware users out there, but I'm
heading back to Debian, so I don't have to spend all my time in lynx,
trying to find things on the web.  I think I'm ready to try Orca.
	I'm hoping there's a laptop out there with at least a couple
gigs of memory and a 100G hard drive and a CD or DVD burner already
installed.  I really need a second system to be able to access my main
system via telnet.  A Core-2 system would be even better, if possible.
$1300 is my purchase limit, though.  Any recommendations are greatly
appreciated.  TIA,


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