FC 8 Questions

Scott Ford scotte.ford at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 09:08:42 EST 2007

Hello Everyone,
	I am an inexperienced Linux user, so I need things spelled out
explicitly.  I would like to install Werewolf, fc 8 i86 64bit if possible.
I do not know how to patch a kernel, would someone know where I could read a
how to on patching fc8 with Speakup?  I am assuming the following is the
process for getting a patched fc8  up and running  could someone confirm
that I am correct with my assumptions?
First I would just go and download the FC8 from the repository?
Next I would do the telnet install as per the telnet how to.
Finally I would telnet into the machine after the reboot, and patch the
kernel with the Speakup patch?
Thank you for any help.

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