Fedora Speakup modified and SSH?

Keith Hinton keithint38 at CommSpeed.net
Sat Nov 17 13:42:24 EST 2007

Hello all,
I have a computer that I was going to try installing Fedora core onto.
Problem is:

1. No serial ports, thus there is no hope of hardware speech support.
2. Though the PC has more then enough RAM, this puts me in the position of 
requiring an SSH terminal, as Telnet is likely to be just as inaccessible as 
While I can setup an SSH terminal client on the  other Windows computer I 
have over here, that won't work without an SSH server, so I'm wondering if 
Fedora core's CD happens to have this?
If not, then I may have to resort to GRML or something else with Speakup 
I've totally decided not to use Ubuntu, or Gentoo because neither of them 
now contain Speakup, and I think now that so many distros are dropping it, 
I love Speakup with software speech myself, personally, ESpeak, to be quite 
specific. Perhaps Speakup modified includes ESpeak in there repositories? 
That would be nice to grab Dispatcher, SpeechD-up, and ESpeak.
BTW..while we're on this, Would anyone here be able to tel me how to get the 
native Espeak module working sinse I here one now exists? Previously, I was 
using Espeak-generic.
Regards, --Keith 

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