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Hi Michael, Willhem and Al, thanks for your replies.  I am going to take 
your advice Michael and just get a working system up and running and 
progress from that point as I learn more about Linux.  There is certainly 
lots to learn just from a minimum install.

Willem, I was not able to get speech from a console after the full graphical 
install even though I followed the steps outlined in the install howto and 
switched to a console using ctrl+alt+F1.  I think I tried two or three 
consoles with the same results.

Thanks again guys for your suggestions.


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> On Wed, Nov 07, 2007 at 10:11:33PM -0500, William Rivera wrote:
>> Hi all, I just joined the list and am a newbie at Linux.
> Hi Bill,
> If Fedora is anything like Debian v3, or is like most Linux
> distributions, those disks hold nearly 4000 software packages, some of
> which don't work well with other packages.  For instance, you typically
> cannot run more than one type of mail server at the same time, and there
> are over half a dozen of them.  They'll conflict with each other, and may 
> use
> nearly 20 gigs of drive space.  10 gigs of drive space is a good size
> for  > a minimum installation.  That's about 5 gigs for programs and
> operating system, and another 5 gigs for data..  You'll find multiple
> text editors, news, web browsers, and mail clients already installed in
> a minimum installation, just in the command line interface.  What you're
> probably installing is selected "task Packages" that  include the
> choicest program selections.  It will not be anywhere near all of  what
> is offered in Linux.  I would advise installing a working system first
> and slowly build from there.  Linux will be confusing enough as it is
> with all the packages a bare minimum installation will have included.
> HTH,
>        Michael
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