William Rivera billmyster at the-beach.net
Wed Nov 7 22:11:33 EST 2007

Hi all, I just joined the list and am a newbie at Linux.  I installed Fedora 7 Moonshine on my old P-3 machine using a Lite Talk (ltlk) synth.  The pc has a 10Gb hard drive with 512Mb RAM.  I can install the minimum Fedora system minus the graphical packages with no problems.  It boots into a console and all seems well.  Problem is that when I re-install the system and select all packages including graphical packages, it only asks for the first 4 cds and then after I follow all steps to prevent it from loading the initial first start graphic mode, it does not speak.  One question is, does the installation ask for all 5 cds?  Also, should I just install minimum and use Yum to update all packages instead?  Is 10gb enough memory for everything and is that why I can not get the system to speak when I install all packages?

Thanks for your help.

Miami Beach, FL
Billmyster at the-beach.net

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