Will Zipspeak work with Ubuntu?

Nick G nick at hkcradio.com
Sun Nov 4 22:35:03 EST 2007

Being that I managed somehow to maintain zipspeak when it was semi-viable 
for me to do so, I can answer that question.

Zipspeak does not work with Ubuntu.  Zipspeak was a linux distribution that 
was different in that it could run on a good few computers in pure DOS mode. 
No reformatting necessary.  It has its advantages, yes, but in most cases, 
LiveCD's have replaced Zipspeak in that "Let's try out linux" sense. 
Zipspeak basically was Slackware's Zipslak flavor with its "speakup.s" 
kernel.  This means that Speakup, which is the screen reader for linux, was 
included in zipspeak, the talking linux distribution.  Do you understand?
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> Hi...
> I was wondering if Zipspeak will work with Ubuntu. Thanks.
> Charlie
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