LSR 0.3.2 - BSD Licensed!

Janina Sajka janina at
Thu Nov 30 22:05:55 EST 2006

Congrats on the move to BSD licensing. This is excellent news!

And, the rpms for LSR-0.3.2 are now also available as follows. Please
note that thee directory structure at the SpeakupModified.Org domain has
changed in preparation for our launch of yum repositories coming soon.

the lsr-0.3.2 binary rpm is available at:

the lsr-0.3.2 source rpm is available at:

Or, if you prefer, use anonymous ftp or rsync:
rsync -l SpeakupModified.Org::speakupmodified/current/

Peter Parente writes:
> ==============
> * What is it ?
> ==============
> Linux Screen Reader (LSR) is an extensible assistive technology for people with
> disabilities. The design philosophy behind LSR is to provide a core platform
> that enables the development of LSR extensions for improving desktop
> application accessibility and usability and shields extension developers from
> the intricacies of the desktop accessibility architecture.
> The primary use of the LSR platform is to give people with visual impairments
> access to the GNOME desktop and its business applications (e.g. Firefox,
> OpenOffice, Eclipse) using speech, Braille, and screen magnification. The
> extensions packaged with the LSR core are intended to meet this end. However,
> LSR's rich support for extensions can be used for a variety of other purposes
> such as supporting novel input and output devices, improving accessibility for
> users with other disabilities, enabling multi-modal access to the GNOME
> desktop, and so forth.
> ==================
> * What's changed ?
> ==================
> The purpose of this release is to publicly announce the change of license on
> the LSR code base from the Common Public License to the New Berkeley Software
> Distribution License (BSD) official and public. The BSD license is
> GPL-compatible but has no copyleft restriction. This change helps LSR better
> fit into the GNOME ecosystem and allows other projects to build on it with
> few restrictions.
> Some of the features planned for 0.4.0 are present in this release. A full
> record of those features will appear in the announcement for that version and
> are available in the ChangeLog in the meantime.
> Translations
> * ar (Djihed Afifi)
> ======================
> * Where can I get it ?
> ======================
> Source code release:
> For more information, visit the LSR home page:
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