Getting ubuntu live CD (information)

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Wed Nov 22 11:42:17 EST 2006

Michael Whapples wrote:
> As there has been a couple of people asking, I decided I wouldn't wait until I get the digest message so I could reply to an individual message.
> I found some install instructions for ubuntu with orca at and there is a link there to get the CD. It says it can be got at and to select the desktop CD as others don't work. Also I think these are the standard distribution CD's but someone who actually knows would be best to confirm this.
That's correct. It's all on the standard CD (as the the kernel with 
speakup as a module).
> I am going to try that brltty suggestion on my desktop, out of interest does that version of brltty have USB support, or do I need to dig out the serial cable? If USB support exists, ubuntu is definitely working around this issue of laptops without serial ports, but it would be nice some time to have other options with something such as speakup, as it is sometimes useful to have the boot information.

This needs some work to be more user-friendly for the next version. See:

Ubuntu Accessibility Team

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