kernel 2.6.17 still on site and issue with removing it

Nick Gawronski nick at
Wed Nov 22 01:31:41 EST 2006

Hi, I was looking at the site and noticed that
the 2.6.17-speakup images are still on the site even when the new 2.6.18
images are now ready for download.  It would make sense to remove the old
ones now that the new ones are on the site.  When installing the 2.6.18
image I got the message that the gpg key could not be verified for this
package.  I said yes to this question.  Have these packages not been
signed?  When removing the old 2.6.17 kernels the old modules and initrd
image were still on my system so I had to remove them manually.  It would
be nice if those could be removed automatically if a user chooses to
remove the package.

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