Goodies Files

Radical NetSurfer radsurfer at
Mon Nov 20 16:48:57 EST 2006

I was able to get into the ftp site and download all
the files in the Goodies directory.
Thank you for the help.

I was not able to read some of the files on Fedora
Core yet because Fedora did not want recognize what
application to run on some of the documentation, but 
I'm sure I will get that sorted out fine.  
Some of this material looks identical to that which 
came with Doubletalk, some of it is not.
I truly hope everyone here believes we should be very
careful with this information, because it is
important to people.

both Linux and XP can be installed on P3's which still
have ISA slots and operate at a reasonable enough
to make them practical for everyday home or office
therefore every scrap of information about ISA cards
should be held on to and allowed to be shared, and
that goes for other so-called legacy or deprecated
technology as well.

As I said, I have all the files from the
directory. I must of been lucky this morning.

I also now have Fedora Core 6 CD's.
I hope they all check out, hopefully by this weekend
I plan on trying to get it installed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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