DoubleTalk Programming

Radical NetSurfer radsurfer at
Sun Nov 19 23:39:55 EST 2006

Would appear I am operating with a slight handicap

I do not see any sign of a "goodies" directory.
It would be most helpful to me if you could please
the URL, since its hidden.

apparently the url you refer too,
is a tad slow... and there's no mirror for this is
right?  Understandably this will take a great deal
of patience.

How large would the entire Goodies directly be as a
7zip file?  I'm primarily only concerned with
DoubleTalk and DecTalk ISA cards naturally.


--- Kirk Reiser <kirk at> wrote:

> I and others have already given you quite a few
> places to look and
> read drivers which already do this, so what is it
> that you need that
> they don't do for you?  There is information on
> programming the
> DoubleTalk as well as a lot of other synths on the
> site in the goodies directory and below.  Have you
> even looked at or run
> any of these drivers?
>   Kirk
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