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Ricky Enger renger at carolina.rr.com
Tue Nov 14 16:37:55 EST 2006

Hi John and all,
An excellent description for installing Edgy with Orca can be found 
on the Orca wiki at:


At 11:33 AM 11/14/2006, you wrote:
>You should consider writing a howto. I'd be interested in knowing how this
>is done, step by step.
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>Subject: ubuntu install success
> >A friend and me did get ubuntu 6.10 installed and talking.  This was a
> > more current beta disk we had used.  Keying in F5 and then 3 on boot up
> > brought up ubuntu and I didn't try running orca during that install
> > either.  Running the installer had to be done using the mouse since keying
> > in alt-f2 and typing install and enter didn't start the install program
> > for some reason.  After the install was finished and I rebooted, I heard
> > the drums and found out from my friend ubuntu wanted the user name and
> > password.  So I keyed each in and hit return after each then orca came up
> > talking after that.  A very fast boot up on hard disk as compared to
> > CDROM.  I could using another hard drive I have try another ubuntu install
> > and see if I can get orca and install to both come up talking but I would
> > like to know how to tell ubuntu todisregard the mouse and use the
> > conventional keyboard only since that may clear up the difficulty running
> > install on this system for me.
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