ubuntu install success

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Tue Nov 14 04:37:10 EST 2006

A friend and me did get ubuntu 6.10 installed and talking.  This was a 
more current beta disk we had used.  Keying in F5 and then 3 on boot up 
brought up ubuntu and I didn't try running orca during that install 
either.  Running the installer had to be done using the mouse since keying 
in alt-f2 and typing install and enter didn't start the install program 
for some reason.  After the install was finished and I rebooted, I heard 
the drums and found out from my friend ubuntu wanted the user name and 
password.  So I keyed each in and hit return after each then orca came up 
talking after that.  A very fast boot up on hard disk as compared to 
CDROM.  I could using another hard drive I have try another ubuntu install 
and see if I can get orca and install to both come up talking but I would 
like to know how to tell ubuntu todisregard the mouse and use the 
conventional keyboard only since that may clear up the difficulty running 
install on this system for me.

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