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Mon Nov 13 20:44:42 EST 2006

You've been back and forth between Ubuntu and Fedora, i9f not also other
distros, so I have no idea whether to bother answering you or not--not
because of anything personal, but simply because I don't know whether I
can tell you anything useful.

I suggest you start saying things like "on a FC6 system" to make your
questions more clear.

So, I'll keep it short.

Use mutt as your client email application. You'll need to tweak the
.muttrc a little to make it speech friendly. These settings can include
the domain you want showing with your email.

Fedora comes out of the box with outbound mail working.

Christian writes:
> Hi,
> I've got fetchmail working, but i am still using Windows for my email. I really want to get over Linux now. Can someone tell me where to look and how to set up my outgoing SMTP with the domain?
> many thanks,
> Christian
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