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Kirk Reiser kirk at
Wed Nov 8 06:40:46 EST 2006

First of all, there is no problem discussing programming topics on
this list so don't be concerned about that.  Secondly, I agree with
Luke the source for the dtlk module which you can find in your linux
source tree under drivers/char/dtlk.c is a good place to start if you
want info.  As Luke also points out however it is a complete driver
therefore there is no need to write your own other than for the pure
joy of it.

O'Reilly has quite a few books on writing drivers under gnu/linux and
at least one book on the linux kernel internals both good reads.

You can also look at the speakup drivers for the DoubleTalk and
DECTalk which will also give you more insight so there is a lot of
information available.

Now to answer your specific issue, to access any hardware as you have
surmised one must register the request to talk to that hardware with
the appropriate registration routines for the hardware you wish to
address.  You will see how that is done in all of the above mentioned
code routines.



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