GRML with Festival/Speakup/Speech-Dispatcher

Michael Prokop mika at
Tue Nov 7 18:04:06 EST 2006

* Tomas Cerha <cerha at> wrote:
> Michael Prokop napsal(a):
>> But I can help you of course in the remastering related stuff.
>> If you tell me what to do I could extend the swspeak code to support
>> festival as well.

> don't you think It would be better to support speech-dispatcher instead
> of festival directly and thus gain the support of all speech-dispatcher
> supported synthesizers at once?  You get a higher level API and all the
> abstraction for free...

grml does support and use speech-dispatcher already. :-) The bootoption
swspeak does nothing else than starting /etc/init.d/speech-dispatcher
and running a "echo sftsyn >/proc/speakup/synth_name".

So all which would have to be done is to check out integration of
speech-dispatcher-festival itself.

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