continuous reading feature

Mon Jun 19 06:46:42 EDT 2006

I'm not sure about the keymap issue.  I don't know if that is done
automatically when you rebuild speakup or if some procedure needs to be
done to rebuild it.  Maybe Kirk can give a better answer on this one.

I have the read all command working, but only for a few of the synths. 
When I finished read all, I asked if there was anyone to help with the
development of the other synths, but I never got much of a response.  I
can give you the status as I know it.  Dectalk, doubletalk, and litetalk
should work as far as I know.  I have all 3 synths, so I can test these
easily.  Speakout has been implemented, but there are some issues and it
seems to behave differently with different kernels, but I don't have one
to try and fix the issues..  Speech Dispatcher should work with
Festival.  It should be fairly easy to implement other synths, but since
I don't have access to them, I haven't been able to implement them.


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