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Sun Jun 18 19:18:19 EDT 2006

Does anyone have an easy way to install speakup. I don't mind doing the
install again. Thanks Marv 

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The reason maybe that the ssh server isn't enabled by default. You might
want to try:

invoke-rc.d ssh start

as root from the keyboard of your newly installed debian box.


On Sun, Jun 18, 2006 at 05:25:00PM -0500, Marvin Rush wrote:
> I have a question about debian. I got the flopoies for the debian 
> installer with speakup. It went GREAT!!! During the install when 
> choosing the curnel I did not see one with speakup in the choices. Now 
> that the install is finished the the system is up for some reason I 
> can't ssh in to it. I know the system is up because I can ping it with
another computer.
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