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t curious.

What format do you all like your online electronic documentation in?  I
mean as choices plain text, HTML, postscript, PDF, info (compiled from
teXinfo), man pages, etc.

I'm asking this partly because I'm fixin' to build some Slackware based
packages for Exim and others and have a choice as to what kind of
documentation to include.  In particular, Exim has I think four
different formats available for their documentation and would be added
separately when installed.  I really don't wanna bloat the package with
four different formats so hence my question.  I'm personally torn
between HTML and info.  The HTML versions are easiest to include where
info, you have to be careful with the global dir file.

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask to get other people's ideas on this
subject.  I have a Slackware compatible package for Exim 4.62 ready to
go as soon as I work out the manual preference.  I could actually leave
it as is with their plain text format and let the end user fetch the
other formats on their own.  I will also have Slack packages for Speech
Dispatcher and Speechd-up available shortly.

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