Fedora 5: Specifying Synthesizer for Speakup

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Jun 10 11:51:14 EDT 2006

You don't say how you tried to load your DEC Talk, but a simply modprobe
from a root login will do the trick.

The correct method is to create a new /boot/initrd-[version].img as
described in the INstallation HOWTO for FC3.

There's no reason to avoid the latest kernel on SpeakupModified.Org. If
there are unsatisfied dependencies, just install with yum as follows:

yum install [kernel.rpm]

Yum will satisfy any missing dependencies in the process.


Beth Hatch writes:
> Hello all,
> Recently I needed to upgrade from Fedora 3 to Fedora 5 for some school
> projects.  After installing Fedora 5 on my Linux computer using Brltty, we
> then installed the RPM containing the speakup modified kernel for Fedora 5.
> Unfortunately, apparently this RPM doesn't seem to have any synthesizers
> loaded into it, I didn't realize that the synthesizer wasn't installed until
> I tried to specify my Dectalk USB using the Dectalk express key word as I
> used to do under Fedora 3.  My instructor told me that an unknown device, or
> a similar message, came up on the boot loader screen when we tried to
> specify the dectalk express or any other synthesizer.  I removed the Dectalk
> and tried it on another computer using Windows just to make sure that the
> synthesizer functioned properly, and the Dectalk USB worked fine.
> The current kernel of my Fedora 5 system is: 2.6.16-1.2080_FC5spk.i586 and
> we installed the rpm from 
> ftp://SpeakupModified.org/fedora/speakupmodified/current/RPMS/.  We made
> sure to install the same version of the Speakup modified kernel RPM that we
> have for the original Fedora 5 installation.  If someone could guide me in
> the right direction with all of this, it would be most appreciated.  I've
> consulted the Speakup user's guide and the Fedora install how to, and the
> only thing I can see there is that I might have to recompile the kernel with
> a new speakup tarball to specify the synthesizer properly.  Is this what has
> to be done, or is there another way to get this working?
> Thanks,
> Beth
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