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How much would you sell the first one for? it would be an awesome linux 
system for? Also, I am not good at desyphering all this garble, I only 
caught some of it, what speed is the processor?
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> Folks, haven't unloaded this stuff yet, I guess the gent doesn't want
> it at this point. So, here is what I got to clean out.
> All reasonable offers welcome.
> Will sell as complete systems or as parts.
> 1. Dual PIII-550Mhz Intel with MSI 6120 motherboard, 1 agp, 5 pci and
> 2 isa slots, one pci/isa are shared so effectively 4 pci cards and
> two isa cards or one isa card and 5 pci cards.
> Four exposed 5.25 bays, 6 total 3.5 bays 2 of which are exposed.
> One scsi cd reader with option to add 12X cdrw burner and extra
> reader. Adeptec 2950AWU scsi card, 3Com 950B 10/100 eather net card,
> agp video card, floppy, 128Mb ram currently installed, can add more
> as option, and internal Doubletalk isa synthesizer. Also in the
> system currently is an Accent internal synth, but is configured via a
> jumper to behave as an external. It has an external serial port..
> THis machine also has two usb, two serial, and one parallel. No sound
> card is in the system, and finally there is a 20Gb drive installed.
> Everything is in working order and the case is an Antec mid-tower and
> is one of the finest cases available at that time. Lots of room to
> work, cages slide out for easy access and its incredibly strong.
> 2. Intel PIII-550Mhz with 256Mb ram, cd I believe is a burner as
> well, floppy,, wireless Linksys card, can't recall what the
> motherboard is, but its been quite reliable, board has 3 pci, 2 isa
> one pci/isa is shared, agp video slot with ATI Radeon video card
> installed (has two outputs for video), 20Gb drive, floppy, case is
> Antec with 3 5.25 exposed bays, one 3.5 exposed bay, and 2 internal
> 3.5 bays. As with case above, easy access, cage can be removed. This
> system also has two usb, two serial, and one parallel, this also
> includes a sound card its a Creative Labs, but the name escapes me at
> present, but will work with Linux.
> I also have a new, never used multi-card reader which is an internal
> device, goes in your 3.5 bay and is connected to the front usb header
> on your mother board, original box and docs. I also have the manuals
> for the mother boards, the Plexstor cd burner, and possibly a few of
> the other items.
> All hardware is working, but is used. I selling off this stuff mainly
> to recover shipping costs. I no longer have a need for it and I'd
> rather find a home where this stuff would be used instead of just
> donating it to someone who may not use it or tossing it out. If your
> interested, please let me know. The dual processor box has no os, the
> other box has windows xp as this is the machine my wife used to use
> and if for some reason you want that, I'll leave it and send along
> the original oem disc. Personally of course I'll remove that prior to
> sending it out if you don't need it.
> I will swap parts around from one box to another and put this
> together the way you want. In other words, if you want the dual cpu
> box and want the sound and ATI card, I'll put them in there.
> tnx
> Scott
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