alternatives for ssh in winders

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I woul;d like the script line and the name of the script where it goes 
as well.  Thanks.

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> Depending on which version of jfw you are using, it may read the 
> consolewithout say all. If not, then having it do it is actually 
> just a simple
> matter of changing like one line in a script file. It would be 
> very off
> topic if I were to post that here, so I won't. Email me privately off
> listif you are interested.
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> And so it came to pass that on Wed, 31 May 2006, tony seth said
> > Well, I don't think I got a url for that, thanks for it... I' 
> playing> with teraterm pro now, looking for something that I don't 
> have to run
> > jfw in say-all mode... a bit too chatty.  Thanks again!
> > Cheereo.
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