speechd-up compile error

jim grimsby jimgrims at pacbell.net
Wed Apr 27 21:06:59 EDT 2005

Make sure all packages are the versions you need.  
To do this use apt-show-versions package name.  
The nice thing is all the packages you need you can get with apt-get
install packagename 
Also note you are going to have to make your own kernel because the
debian version of the speakup kernel does not have sftsyn in it.  
That brings up a good question 
A linux kernel is just that a linux kernel right?  So lets say I
downloaded the rpm kernels maid debian packages using alien would they
install and work on my debian system?  If so all I would have to do is
get the packages convert them to deb packages and send them to the sight
and we would have new kernels we could install using dpkg -I package
Let me know if that is possible.  

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Hi Chuck  You should check the installation document again but I think
you have not installed the glibc2-dev package or something like that.
All of the packages mentioned in the installation docs must be
installed.  I hope to modify that someday soonish because I think it is
to complicated the way it is.



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