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Michael Whapples Mikster4 at msn.com
Wed Apr 27 09:39:03 EDT 2005

I don't know about the problem with using cepstral as a festival voice. As I 
said, speechd-up only can access the first three festival voices. Let's say 
you had don_diphone, kal_diphone, ked_diphone and rab_diphone voices 
installed, speechd-up can only access don_diphone, kal_diphone and 
ked_diphone. You would not be able to access rab_diphone without removing 
one of the voices before it e.g. don_diphone.

when I referred to writing a module for the cepstral voices, I meant taking 
the generic one, and altering the configuration file, like it has been done 
for using dectalk software synth. This would not require any knowledge of C 
or C++. I am considering trying to do this for myself, so if I do it, I 
could let you have the file. I don't know when I will manage to do this, I 
am quite busy at the moment.
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I'm not very good in c or c++ so I don't think that writing a module is
something for me.

Cepstral voices do work with festival. I've tried it.
My cepstral voice (david) works  in a test with speech dispatcher, the
general.test. when setting another language.
It tries to speak french, but it doesn't sound good.

so the voice is accessible in some way through dispatcher, but not with

what can be wrong?
On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 22:44:42 +0000, "Michael Whapples"
<mikster4 at msn.com> said:
> I haven't heard of using cepstral voices as a festival voice, but
> I don't know all about festival. I have had some problems with
> speech-dispatcher accessing some festival voices before although
> festival can access them. You may find that it might be easier to
> write a speech-dispatcher module for cepstral using the generic one as a
> guide. they seem to be fairly well commented. to get the information for
> the
> parameters that you would need, view the output from swift --params.
> from
> Mike
> Kristoffer Gustafsson writes:
> > Hello!
> > Thanks, it works with changing the voices.
> > now to my next problem.
> > I can't seem to get the voice I want to use work with speakup.
> > The voice I want is the cepstral david voice I have installed as well.
> > It works as a festival voice.
> >
> > I removed the us2_mbrola voice since i have ked_diphone and kal_diphone
> > as default voices when installing a festival binary.
> > but I can't get cepstral to work.
> > any ideas?
> > /kristoffer
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