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The question is if you switch to dvorak, will the speakup help system still
correctly identify the keys?  At first you'll be pretty confused.
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> Wow, Larry! You've switched completely? That's fascinating. You're the
> only one I know who's done that.
> Funny. I was just thinking that it's easier for a blind person to
> switch, because we're never going to be confused by those printed
> letters on the keyboard. That also means that all we need to switch is
> to load a different keymap.
> How's that for keeping other people's fingers off your keyboard?
> Hmmm, maybe there's some rationale here! <grin>
> Janina
> > Dvorak is a great keyboard layout.  I use it exclusively, and without
> > any scientific data, I find it much more efficient.  It does take a
> > month or two to get used to though, and it is a pain when you have to
> > use a qwerty machine.
> >
> > The Dvorak home row is:
> > a o e u i d h t n s
> >
> > The vowels are all on the left hand on home row.
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