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Hi Janina,

This is besides the point because I'm guessing that Igore is already used to
qerty, but I believe those tests were disputed because they were done with
individuals who already knew qwerty?

If one starts out using vorak ... I don't know: I mean: qwerty was developed
to be inefficient in the first place.

Take care,

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Just curious as to why you think it's useful to learn Dvorak? Are you aware
the U.S. Navy did extensive typing tests between qwerty and dvorak and found
almost nodifference in speed and eficiency?

Igor Gueths writes:
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> Hi all. I was briefly playing with the Dvorak layout, and find that 
> I'm going to see if I can't learn it. I take it I would have to somewhat
modify the sort of table of keycodes to Speakup commands which I believe is
contained in speakup.c? Its been a while since I've looked.
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