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Mon Apr 4 18:31:35 EDT 2005

Conf files are helpful but many of these will reflect personal
preferences.  I've looked often at some conf files that have been shared
over time and I'll find parts that look interesting and helpful but
other parts I would totally disagree with so I usually end up rolling my
own.  Yes, I'm experienced now so perhaps would sing a different tune if
I was new to this stuff.
The idea was to get the user started.  The idea is not to say this is
the only way but this is a method to get you started.   So let say that
in lynx show_cursor was turned on number links and forms and the braile
terminal mode was enabled. One configuration and then lets say we have
another just wish show_cursor turned on.  This way instead of having
from the get go go in and configure it they would have a base line
starting point.  What yall think.  
Somebody mentioned tab controls or tab navigation.  I use both linux and
windows and I don't mind tab controls at all.  The latest Firefox for
windows allows the opening of links in tabs and you can use ctrl-page up
and down to cycle through the tabs or I think there's a way to open the
list like a standard windows tab control.  These tabs are definitely far
better than opening separate instances of the program or separate
processes.  Someone mentioned separate consoles or subprocesses or
inferiror shells to run other tasks.  That is hardly a way to deal with
the exploding of web documents.  Screen is an interesting way to have
"multiple windows" but still, I don't think web browsing could be
accommodated this way.  Hmmm, interesting idea if a text browser could
some how open up another screen window for links when a tab browsing
session is desired.

Actually, it comes to mind that w3 for Emacs might enable web browsing
where one could simply scroll down tthrough the page since you're in an
emacs buffer.  This would surely work with emacspeak anyhow; but that's
another subject:).

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