Slackware is dropping Gnome

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can I find out more about the alternitive to gnopernicus that mark has 
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Well dave has been complaining about this for quite some time.  At first
his problem was not clear because he was doing a lot of talking about
software speech and a radio show but the problem is clear.  Kde is
coming out with a screen reader for it soon according to peater.  He
said it was hopeful.  Mark has created an alternative to gnopernicus
witch I have not herd a lot about yet. It seems to me at this point
after doing a lot of reading that the gui support has a long way to go.
The nice thing is with speakup we can do every thing we would need to do
in text mode.  The reality is though that we really need this gui
support.  There are a lot of programs that are created using this gui
interface.  Also gui is easier for the new user to learn. Monkey see
monkey do is always going to be easier then typing a lot of commands at
a command line.  I got in to linux hoping I could start building
computers for blind people with a easy to use interface that would be
the same across the board from program to program.  Sorry to say I have
not found this yet.  Gnome still has to many problems to be a stable
solution. Gnopernicus crashes more often then jaws does at this point.
I my self am going to keep a close eyes on this situation as I get text
based programs for my self learn it and then try to teach my very non
technical girl friend linux.  If she is able to grasp it using text mode
there might be some hope for this project but if not I might need to
wait another year or two.

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Hi.  Excuse the quotes.  I forgot to delete, so I had to reply to


On Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 09:54:16AM -0600, kenny wrote:
> Hi.
> If you check back through the gnome list archives, you will notice I'm

> the last one who could criticize anyone for bashing Peter.
> I agree with you that both Peter and Bill are doing there best.
> Neither has control over Gnopernicus.
> After using Gnome for 2 years now, I am coming to believe it's biggest

> accessibility problem is Gnopernicus and not the Gnome accessibility
> support.
> I admit part of my attitude is coming from finally getting a braille
> display to work with Gnopernicus only to discover it isn't much use
> and there doesn't seem to be much I can do about it.  It almost seems
> as if I'm the first person to use Gnopernicus and brlapi.  I know that

> can't be true.
>           Kenny
> On Sat, Apr 02, 2005 at 09:51:46AM -0500, Chris Hofstader wrote:
> > I was merely stating that gnome has some useful programs written for

> > it that can be made accessible with a bit of effort.  I don't mean
> > to bash Peter, he's a decent guy trying to do his best.
> >
> > BTW:  I resigned my position at Freedom and am now working as a free
> > and focusing on UI research.
> >

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