more data on screen

Gene Collins collins at
Fri Nov 12 09:35:03 EST 2004

Hi all.  Actually, you may want to check out a package called
SuperVgaTextMode.  It interactively sets the screen resolution on video
cards, if the machine is not using a frame buffer device.  If your video
chip supports it, you can get some really large screen sizes like
202x81.  Your mileage will very according to your video chip and what
clock rates it supports.  Warning: Be *** V E R Y * CAREFUL!  *** 
Setting a resolution with a clock rate not supported by your monitor can
damage the monitor.  You have been warned!

Nevertheless, if you are like me and run with the monitor turned off,
you can set the video card for whatever clock rate and resolution it
will support.  Just don't expect to turn on the monitor, and if you do,
reset to a supported clock and resolution first!


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