Blind security specialists?

Mark Melonson blindtechie at
Tue Jun 29 13:40:40 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Let me first explain a little about myself: I'm
currently working part-time in the Assistive
Technology lab of the college that I attend. I am a
network security enthusiast and have a technical a
somewhat extensive technical background. My eye
condition is progressive and I've been having trouble
keeping up with the things that I used to do. Such
things include penetration testing, security audits,
forensic work, etc... I am able to use most of my
Windows tools thanks to WindowEyes, but I am used to
using Knoopix-STD (Security Tools Distribution) for my security testing. Though
I have extensive training for Windows including MCSE,
etc... I'm not yet a power user of Linux, so I cannot
customize the distro or create my own. If anybody has
customized Knoppix-STD please let me know... I have
seen the Speakup enabled Knoppix, but I'm looking for
a Knoppix-STD as it is finely tuned to the needs of
security professionals, including the essential tools,
and then some. Any information, resources or contacts
are greatly appreciated. Any suggestions are welcome,
thanks in advance.

Best regards,
-Mark L. Melonson

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