math braille translator?

Ann Parsons akp at
Sat Jun 26 07:42:11 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Igor, best place to learn about Math braille translators is either on the
EASI site at:

Or at John Gardener's site who's URL I forget, but if you google,
you'll find it.

You might also try looking on the DOIT site from University of
Washington.  Whosie Berksteller has done work on this type of stuff
too, or at least there are references to math and braille translation

Have no idea what's available in Linux, perhaps T.V. Raman?  But you
better be prepared to read docs if you go that route, or he won't talk
to you!  He's an old curmudgeon!  <smile>  You'll probably have good
luck, Igor, he is a misogynist.  He may treat you like a human being.
Also, if you can corner him on the reflector, try Larry Baggett, he
may have the info you need. 

Ann P.

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