slackware 10.0: speakup.i?

Stephen Clower steve at
Fri Jun 25 16:39:26 EDT 2004

  Just use the speakup.s image when installing Slackware. The system on which I installed Slack doesn't have anything skuzzy either, and the install went without a hitch.

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On 6/25/2004 at 2:16 PM Cheryl Homiak wrote:

>Am I just behind the times or is this a new development? The information 
>on installing speakup talks about speakup.s and speakup.i but there's no 
>speakup.i that I can find in kernels or in labels in isolinux.cfg. Of 
>course, I didn't check this out until I'd tried unsuccessfully to boot 
>with speakup.i several times.
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