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Fri Jun 25 00:17:18 EDT 2004

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On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 07:31:49PM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Yes, I opened up the range of ports 6881 thru 6999 on my router for
> both TCP and UDP since I don't know what protocol they are using and
> all four torrents are going now. 

Running netstat here shows that it seems to all be TCP and no UDP.

> The btlaunchmany program does
> display a lot of information though it looks kinda cryptic.  I see the
> spd: which must be speeds and I also see accumulated counts in MB.
> What I don't know yet, is there are always two numbers one before and
> the other after a slash character.  I'll bet one is upload and the
> other is down.  Now to figure out which is which. 

Yeah, it's a mystery to me too.

> I noticed this
> morening whild attempting to use btdownloadcurses that the uploads
> were always exceeding downloads.  I don't know how that would be
> possible if I don't have that data available if ya know what I mean.
> I thought the file had to be already on your computer before it could
> be shared.

- From what I understand, as long as you have some part of a file that
someone else needs, you're fair game for contributing upload
bandwidth. In other words, I don't think you need to have the entire
file in order to let people download from you.


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