speakup dectalk and pci vs isa

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The way you tell a PCI from EISA is the PCI is shorter on the part that goes
into the slot, and the section of contacts on the card itself has a gap
about as wide as your finger or thumb between the contacts and the part of
the card that will stick out the back of the computer.
Likewise, on the motherboard, the PCI slot begins farther from the back of
the computer, and the EISA slot is very close to the back of the computer.
At the other end of the bank of slots, if one exists, you may find the AGP
This sits even farther back from the back than the PCI slot.
This is for a video card, the AGP stands for "advanced graphics port".
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Which decktalk of the internal variety does speakup work best with?  How
do I tell if a dectalk is pci or isa and how do I tell what's a pci or isa
slot on the computer?

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