slackware 10.0 is out

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Thu Jun 24 12:12:57 EDT 2004

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Don't bother with ftp, I didn't even go there this year. Once I got
all the isos here, I'm planning to post them on my ftp site, for
anybody in the speakup community who wants to take that route. I think
someone did this last year, but I didn't have my ftp server setup
then, and I do now.

If you can take the bittorrent route, please do so, and share the
bandwidth. This will help all of us download faster, and won't further
burden the ftp mirrors.

As for bittorrent, the docs aren't good. Here is a run down based on
some tinkering around on how to get bittorrent going.

1. Install bittorrent.

2. Grab the .torrent files from slackware's site, and put them in a
directory, which I'll call slackware for example purposes.

3. Run the following: slackware

, where slackware is the path to the directory with the torrent
files. You could also run, and
with arguments to  get usage instructions.

The stuff in the README about running tracker is only as far as I
could tell, if you created files, and want to be the central server
that coordinates the downloads. Hth.


On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 08:05:32AM -0700, Steve Holmes wrote:
> Good luck grabbing ISO's! Every FTP site I tried is maxed out and I
> cannot get in!
> Brings up a question though.  Bittorrent: How do you get it going? I
> thought I'd try bittorrent out to get these ISO's but the
> documentation for bittorrent is so bleak I don't know ehere to turn.
> The README file says something about starting up a tracker and
> creating a template with the .torrent extension but I downloaded four
> .torrents from slackware but can't figure out how to start them.
> Anybody have more info on this interesting toy?

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