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On Sat, 19 Jun 2004, Gregory Nowak wrote:

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> Thanks. I was always under the impression that KbpS and Kb/S were both
> interchangeable, and stood for Kilobytes per second.
> I notice that lynx the cat reports download speeds in Kb/s, while the
> statistics page of my ADSL modem reports the speed in KbpS. Knowing
> that they're both different, and that one is Kilobits, while the other
> is Kilobytes, 1360 KbPs is a lot closer to 1536 KbpS. Doing some
> calculations shows me that I should be getting 192 Kb/S max, but I
> suppose I should take into account the bandwidth of other machines,
> and the latency of the net in general.


The other thing to consider i that with such a large differential between 
upstream and downstream bandwidth, you may, if downloading several things 
at once, come up against the problem that your upstream bandwidth iss 
insufficient to cope with all the ackn packets you're having to send, thus 
throttling your download peed.  You can help this problem by using the 
traffic shaper.  Thi is a common problem with high-speed adsl lines.


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